"If you're searching for that one person that could change your life, take a look in the mirror." ~ Roman Price

Accountability outside of personal training sessions will determine if a client achieves long term sustainable success. In addition to in-person training sessions, our program includes "Online Personal Training".  Each client is assigned workouts to complete between training sessions. As each workout assignment is performed, the participant will "Check in" on the mobile app, holding themselves accountable and keeping the trainer informed. 

Based on a client's activity preferences, gym memberships and home equipment availability, assignments may include:

*Daily "High Voltage" Tabata
*Spin/TRX class 
*Home or gym workout

Taking a holistic approach to fitness is paramount to the success of any training program. In addition to in-person training sessions and "at-home" workout assignments, we provide clients with a comprehensive meal plan as a guide to learning to eat better.


Short Circuit Fitness trains excusively at Revolution Indoor Cycling